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Mark Morris Institute is pleased to offer clinical nutrition
E-Learning courses to students affiliated with a school of veterinary medicine.

The MMI Learning Center is for students affiliated with a school of veterinary medicine, please send an email to info@markmorrisinstitute.org for more information.


MMI is developing an E-Learning program featuring many of our core nutritional topics for healthy pets, with the goal of making it available for September 2020.

This asynchronous program will be created with interactive instructional design principles in mind and will feature MMI faculty leading discussion components so all students will be able to interact with faculty even if part or all of your course utilizes this new online option.

All assessments and strategies will be mapped to learning objectives and ACVN core competencies. The training will be FERPA compliant and follow ADA and UDL accessibility standards. Upon completion, students will receive downloadable study materials and continued access to the program. Ask to see our demo today!

Sample Lessons

Interpreting Pet Food Labels

Understanding and properly interpreting the information on a pet food label is more involved than you might think.

Nutritional Assessment

Many factors contribute to understanding an animal's nutritional needs and whether those needs are being met with a given diet.

Alternative Diets

Raw diets? Plant based only diets? Homemade? Learn how to understand the benefits and risks of each.

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